Friday, September 12, 2008

Primele mele felicitari handmade!

Friday, September 12, 2008
Iata debutul meu in arta scrap-ului! #0005
Am folosit carton, hartie pentru impachetarea cadourilor, hartie gofrata, contur pentu sticla, paiete, si... ceva imaginatie! :-) #0004
Carton, carton gofrat, marbls, paglica, contur pentru sticla. #0003
Carton, marbls, fluturasi-abtibilduri, sizal, paiete. #0002
Carton, contur pentru sticla, marbls, un nasture obisnuit, panglica, sizal, fonuri tiparite la printer (pe fotohartie), o frunza uscata. #0001
Carton, fon tiparit, contur pentru sticla, floricele si frunza din hartie, marbls, panglica
Urmeaza continuarea!!! :-)

3 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

These cards are sooooo nice! Do you sell them? If you don't you so should because you'd get so much money. I really love them, they're much better than the ones you get in the shops. I'd buy some any day. I hope you make way more. By the way, how did you start making them? What got you into them? Are the materials expensive? Do you have any good ideas about how to make a one year old's birthday card?Sorry for all the questions you just inspire me so much.

Creativika said...

Thanks a lot for your words!!
Yes, I sell some of these handmade cards.
And yes, some of the materials are really expensive. But I like scrapbook very much, so... I buy them if it's necessary :)
About the one year's old birthday card: well... I have some ideas. :) Why do you ask me?

Creativika said...

Oh, I forgot to answer one of your questions. :)
Everything started in the moment that I saw one person's cards. They were amazing! I never thought that somebody can do this.. And I started to look for more and more information, and finally, I found a lot of sources of inspiration :) I decided to try to do something. That's the way I started to make handmade cards.. ;)

I'm glad that you like them. And of course I'll make a lot of cards.
Once again, thank you soooo much!!!!!